These publications aim to provide practical advice for foster carers and birth families around a wide range of issues from toddler tantrums to coping with bereavement. The reviews have been written by parents, carers, social workers and therapists.


Ages and Stages: A Parent’s Guide to Normal Childhood Development
(Dr. Charles E. Schaefer and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo)

This book outlines the ‘normal’ development of children from birth through to age 9. The book is structured well and divided into developmental stages by age – Stage 1, birth to eighteen months, Stage 2, eighteen months to thirty six months, Stage 4, 3-6 years and Stage 5, 6-9 years…
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All dogs have ADHD

All dogs have ADHD (Kathy Hoopman)

This book’s biggest attribute is the way in which it puts a positive spin on the behaviours associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. With the help of cute and comical pictures, Kathy Hoopmann associates the more challenging aspects of the condition with the playful, impulsive, yet endearing behaviours of dogs…
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Anger Management Games for Childre

Anger Management Games for Children (Deborah M. Plummer)

This practical handbook helps adults to understand, manage and reflect constructively on children’s anger. The first half of book provides examples of situations that cause a child to be angry and how to best handle them…
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Child Trauma and Abuse

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Child Trauma and Abuse (Jacqueline S Feather and Kevin R Ronan)

This manual is based on a trauma focussed CBT programme using 4 phases: psychological strengthening, enhancing coping skills, processing trauma gradually and addressing individual issues. Each of the 3-4 sessions comprising each phase is set out in a structured format with clearly expressed goals, materials lists, session activities, rewards and follow-up activities for the child to complete at home…
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Communication Skills for Working with Children and Young People

Communication Skills for Working with Children and Young People: Introducing Social Pedagogy (Pat Petrie)

The concept of Social Pedagogy is used as a method of bringing up the whole child by attending equally to their physical, thinking, feeling and creative development and how all of these aspects help in making relationships with others and in contributing to society…
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Confident Children (Gael Lindenfield)

Confident Children is an informative and insightful read for parents and carers who recognise the importance of confidence in ensuring children are happy, self-assured and best equipped to reach their potential…
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Helping Children Cope with Bullying (Sarah Lawson)

This book title suggests it will benefit anybody concerned about a bullied child. However, it’s primarily aimed at empowering parents who are in a position to make key decisions about their child (e.g. where their child is schooled and the arguments for home schooling etc)…
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Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One: A Guide for Grownups (William C. Kroen)

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One gives practical hands-on advice on how to help children from infants to 18 through the grieving process. Through clear and concise language Dr Kroen offers comfort, compassion, and sound advice to any adult who is helping a child cope with death…
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It was that one moment

It was that one moment (Dan Hughes)

In Dan Hughes’ It was that one moment Hughes, a clinical psychologist, introduces the collection of poems by briefly taking the reader through his formative experiences of helping children who have suffered trauma and neglect…
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NCT Successful Potty Training

NCT Successful Potty Training (Heather Welford)

As my son is now 20 months I want to feel well prepared when the time is right to begin potty training. The NCT have supported new parents for over 40 years and this a reliable source of information for a first time parent…
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New Toddler Taming

New Toddler Taming: A Parent’s Guide to the First Four Years (Dr Christopher Green)

I was keen to review this as a first time mother and having read other parenting books, was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how good I felt afterwards. Dr Green’s tone is friendly and light, emphasising common sense and confidence in your own parenting style…
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Self-Esteem for Girls

Self-Esteem for Girls: 100 Tips for Raising Happy and Confident Children (Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer)

As outlined within the title, this pocket sized book contains 100 quick read tips for promoting self-esteem in girls. The book is primarily aimed at parents but also at teachers. Following a brief explanation of the self-esteem tip, both parents and teachers are provided with some additional, specific advice…
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o Young So Sad So Listen

So Young So Sad So Listen

This well thought out book tackles the serious subject of childhood mental illness. At first glance at the style and layout with its large text and hand drawn illustrations it may suggest that it was written for young people with depression…
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Social Work Reclaimed Edited (Steve Goodman and Isabelle Trowler)

This book recalls the inception, development and implementation of the Social Work Reclaimed model into Hackney Children’s Services. Described as a ‘radical new system for delivering child and family social work in the UK’, the model is underpinned with an ‘endeavour to keep children together with their families’…
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Taming the Dragon in your Child

Taming the Dragon in your Child: Solutions for breaking the cycle of family anger (Canada Wiley)

This book is aimed at parents and does indeed offer many solutions and ideas for helping children and families experiencing anger. It can be repetitive, which may appear tedious. However, this enables the ideas and guidance to be embedded in the reader’s mind, reinforcing the message, offering different scenarios and case studies, which parents can relate to…
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The Huge Bag of Worries

The Huge Bag of Worries

This story is about Jenny who wakes up to a growing ‘bag of worries’ that follows her everywhere. It contains worries ranging from her friend going away to nuclear war. The bag grows bigger and bigger, and just when Jenny decides no-one can help, an old lady comes appears. They take the worries out one by one and sort them into groups…
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The Sleep Book for Tired Parents

The Sleep Book for Tired Parents (Rebecca Huntley and Kathleen Kerr)

This book is concise and easy to read, which is a bonus for tired and time-poor parents. I read it in a couple of hours one evening after the usual lengthy and fraught bedtime routine…
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Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool

Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool (Margot Sutherland)

This is a practical handbook that starts with the thinking and psychology underpinning the therapeutic value of & storytelling. It covers issues such as why storytelling helps with feelings, the resources needed in a storytelling session, how to construct a therapeutic story…
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What shall we cook today?

What shall we cook today? (Ryland Peters and Small)

I don’t cook (or buy books) and I’ve already ordered this from Amazon! We used the book over a weekend – we had fun shopping as well as cooking the recipes. It got a big thumbs up from my children and I found it a good way to get my fussy eaters to eat vegetables and fruit, as they had helped make the food themselves…
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What’s Happening to Me?

What’s Happening to Me? (Usborne)

There are two books one for boys and one for girls.
I found these books great and very easy to read. They have a no-nonsense and get the facts across kind of approach but include some very funny yet valuable hand drawn pictures. I don’t feel these books should be used instead of talking to children, and maybe at nine or ten children feel they are too old to read them with their parents or carer…
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Wise guides: Bullying

Wise guides: Bullying (Michele Elliot)

Aimed at 10 –16 year olds, this is a practical guide to overcoming bullying, with advice on how to identify and deal with verbal and physical abuse. Tips on how to respond to the bully, who to go to if you need help, how to make real friends and, if you see yourself becoming a bully, how to stop…
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